Word of the Year + Go with the Flow = 2019 AMAZINGNESS

You’re invited!

I'm hosting a virtual workshop "Go with the Flow" that will help you start 2019 on purpose.

During our time together, you will identify your word to guide your year and take this process deeper by learning how to get into the energy of flow. You know the times you’re in flow—you see the next right step and the world feels abundant with opportunity.

I will teach you how to get into the energy of flow and unpush your way into success...which is completely the opposite of struggling and pushing to make progress.

Whether you're a pro at choosing your word or you've never heard of it but are curious, you'll be in the right place. :) 

Thursday Dec 13th 4-5:30pm Pacific time $49 ❤️

Why You Should Choose a Word of the Year

Do you choose a word to guide your year?

I've been selecting a word of the year for about a decade and what I've found is that my word gives me permission to explore new ideas. I love the process and how it's evolved over time. Each word I’ve chosen feels right for a set period of time and I remember them all fondly.

Years ago, I chose my word by myself, with my last year's calendar in front of me so I could remember my main projects, life events, celebrations and struggles. Over the years, I started inviting my friends to join me and that evolved into what is now Celebrate You®. We start with a day of unapologetic dreaming called the Celebrate You Extravaganza and continue to gathering in self-discovery and celebration as we evolve.

Some sample words you might want to explore:

  • Intuition

  • Abundance

  • Health

  • Connection

  • Self-compassion

  • Boundaries

  • Savor

  • Self-care

  • Truth

Do any of those words speak to you?

If not, ask a friend to exchange notes with you. How would they sum up your last 6 months? And you do the same for them.

Or the next time you've got family or friends around the dinner table, start a conversation. "I'm thinking about choosing a word of the year. Who's in?" You’ll be amazed at what happens next! Kids get involved, the conversation deepens and you all feel connected. After you each have a word, it’s easy to check in with the group, maybe weekly or monthly, to see how their word is influencing them.

Have you chosen a Word of the Year for 2019 yet?

It’s not too late.

In fact, today is the perfect day to choose a word to guide you.

Here’s how my word picks bubble up—I reflect on all that’s happened and the major lessons that I’m learning (or not!) I might look at my calendar to see where I’ve been lately and what I’ve achieved and what I’ve struggled with. I think about how I’ve felt physically and emotionally. Word possibilities start to swirl around my mind and eventually one or two stand out. It might take a minute or a month to filter through the options.

The Gulp Factor

I know I’ve got my word when I see it in my mind and I get excited and a little nervous. My friend calls this “The Gulp Factor”—seeing the significance and meaning behind the word and being a bit awe-struck by the depth.

Poet and artist Mary Anne em Radmacher and I had a blast sharing our 2018 words and how they have impacted our year in this video. Not surprisingly, we both had more than one word to guide us. We also choose words regularly to impact our week, day and hour.

Mary Anne em Radmacher & me chatting about our words of the year

Mary Anne em Radmacher & me chatting about our words of the year

In this Video:

  • Our 2018 words and how they’re influencing our decisions this year (spoiler alert—we both have more than one word!)

  • How our words sometimes have a different purpose than what we imagined. How funny is that, Universe!

  • Some techniques to choose a word of the year

  • Our 2019 words!

How to choose your word Video

Why a WORD is better than a New Year’s Resolution

You know that exhilarating feeling of setting a Resolution in January… followed by that “oh well, guess that’s not going to happen” disappointment in March? Let’s avoid that. Setting a huge goal then realizing you aren’t going to do it isn’t kind to yourself. The classic example is “I’m going to the gym every day and I’m going to lose 20 pounds this year.”

That’s a BIG goal.

And there’s brain science behind why big goals fail most of the time.

Our brains just can’t handle that kind of massive change. We’ll have more success if we take tiny steps toward choosing new habits that support the big goal, like step one might be putting our tennis shoes by the front door for the first 3 days and step two might be putting on work out clothes the next 3 days.

See that? We haven’t even gone to the gym yet and we’re on day 7. But that’s how your brain works.

Instead, when you choose a word, it’s easy to incorporate that word into your day. Maybe your word is Health. “Health” will help you make micro-decisions throughout your day. Maybe you’ll take a smaller portion of breakfast. Maybe you’ll journal for 5 minutes. Maybe you’ll count your steps and challenge yourself to take 50 more steps each month. All of those actions support your word “Health”.

Get someone else involved for success

The other piece of successfully choosing a word is to have someone to talk to about your word. To have accountability on what you say you’ll do. To offer compassion when you forget. To encourage you when you need help. Family, friend, co-worker… find someone you can share this journey with.

You’re invited to join my tribe

You're invited to join the Celebrate You tribe for a day of unapologetic dreaming. A day of opening up to the Universe and partnering with magic. A day that holds laughter and self-discovery in an intimate setting. The Celebrate You® Extravaganza is a life-changing event that will provide clarity and focus, based on your values. Join HERE.

Let me know your word in the comments.

Civility and Social Citizen Credit: Is this where we're headed?

It’s civility month in my town. Our libraries are hosting training in how to have civil conversations, how to listen deeply, how to stop the judgment that comes up when we hear something that contradicts our beliefs.

Our country is deeply divided and politics has become a blood sport.

Our president seems to take pleasure in pitting Americans against each other. Some white people are waking up to the reality that it sucks to not be white. Others are pushing back against cultural shifts toward acceptance and wishing for “the good ole days” (which were only good for white men in power, but they’ve never had to think about that).

This divide and my yearning for civility got me to thinking: How can we reward good behavior? How can we teach our kids how to be kind? How can we change the vitriol online to one of understanding different viewpoints?

What if civility is so far gone that we have to re-engineer it into our culture with a system that watches everyone all the time and rewards the behavior we want to see?

Would that even work?

(I’m suspending all the civil rights issues to play with this. Obviously, the government and big business watching me scares the pants off of me.)

This episode of the podcast of “Planet Money” is fascinating because that’s exactly what China is doing.

China, with a population of 1.4 billion people, is creating a social citizen credit system that gives privilege to individuals with good behavior and takes privilege away from those who aren’t good team players. If you want to take a fast train, you’d better be a good citizen or you’ll be banned. If you have a cell phone, your voicemail message can be changed to reflect that you aren’t trustworthy and need to pay your bills.

The government is collecting data on speeding tickets and DUI’s and asking big companies to share their data about consumer habits. There are also “neighbor watchers”: In China, you might be reported if you yell at someone, don’t pay your debts or just aren’t nice.

For example, a company can report a consumer who purchases diapers and the government deems them responsible, while a consumer who buys video games is deemed lazy. These purchases affect their score and their ability to navigate their world efficiently.


China is piloting this policy in several cities now and expects to have a social score for everyone by 2020. Since they don’t have a traditional credit score system (think FICO and Equifax, etc), there’s a “trust deficit”. Until now, there hasn’t been an effective way to get all citizens to pay their bills, pay back debt and act for the greater good.

Here in the United States, we know the consequence of not paying a bill—it gets reported to our credit score and affects our ability to buy a car, rent an apartment, buy a house and the terms associated with the purchases.

It’s shocking to me that most Chinese citizens support the social citizen credit.

One reason they give is that these standards will also be applied to Chinese companies and that’s a big deal. There have been countless food quality scandals and many Chinese buy foreign products because they don’t trust that Chinese products are safe. This would be a way to guarantee they’re dealing with a company with integrity.

Fascinating, right?

Where would you start if you were in charge in China? What about the United States—how do we calm the meanness and “fight fair” with a level of civility?