Celebrate You™ Quarterly Planner: Daily Check in with your intentions

Create each day with intention, align with your values and go to bed satisfied that you checked off the boxes that really mattered in your life.



By designing a 30,000 foot, high-level plan for the year based on your values and intentions (Celebrate You™ Workbook), then breaking the plan into quarterly and monthly achievable goals (Celebrate You™ Planner), it’s easy to add inspired actions into each day. You’ll see amazing results when you spend 15 minutes each morning aligning with your intentions.


You’ll see the benefits of living with intention starting on day one.

· Become aware of your purpose each day

· Enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself

· Create boundaries around your day

· Design your day so it’s easy to accomplish your goals

· Add healthy habits into your day effortlessly

· Make your dreams a reality with inspired actions


Message from Lisa Honold, Founder of Celebrate You™

I’m Lisa Honold, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and my mission is to inspire and support you as you create an extraordinary life, moment by intentional moment.  I’m founder of Celebrate You™, a global movement that celebrates intentional living. I created this planner to help me stay on track with my goals and intentions. I simplified my life by combining my daily journal, projects notebook, dinner planner, to-do lists and quarterly goals with my traditional daily planner to create ONE place for everything. I no longer need to search for the “right” book because there’s only one place to put everything. Give it a try—it’s a life changer!