Celebrate You works with coaches, family business owners and individuals ready to design extraordinary, fulfilling lives.

Is this you?

 Enjoy your family business (again)


You started your family business so that you could make a difference.

Now you're juggling all the roles you have in your business and your family. Your responsibilities feel overwhelming and never-ending.

You had no idea that working with family could complicate your life so much. Sometimes you wonder why you even started your business...

Wouldn't it be great to enjoy running your family business again?


Make Mid-Life about YOU


You remember you used to be a vibrant, amazing person who followed her dreams... and now you're stuck in a rut with responsibilities and other people's priorities.

Your dreams (if you even remember them) feel outdated. You're tired of feeling blah. You need an update and you're not sure how to get started.

What if there's an easy way to regain your vibrancy and live your best life?


Get Started Coaching NOW


You were born to coach.

You've done the work and you're committed to growing your coaching business into a well paying career, not a hobby. 

And yet, it's hard to create a business plan, get clients, do the marketing and the million other things a business owner needs to do to be successful...

What if you could quickly get your business off the ground and on the path to profitable? (and it could even be FUN?!?)