Imagine figuring out what's holding you back and designing a life that amazes you.

That's what working with a life coach can do.

I help small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and other professionals create extraordinary success, both personally and professionally.

Is this you?

Juggling all the roles you have in your small business and your family is impossible. Your responsibilities feel overwhelming and never ending. The idea of "finding balance in life" makes you want to slap someone in the throat.

You've "let go of the side of the pool" metaphorically and started to follow your heart's calling... and no one seems to care! You have no clients, no cash and no confidence and are just about ready to "get a real job" and bury your dreams forever.

At family events, all you ever seem to talk about is the family business. Although you grew up surrounded by these people, you have nothing in common besides work. Sometimes you wonder if you'd even be friends with your family members if you weren't related.

A friend mentions that she's quitting a job that's sucked the life out of her and you feel a quiver of jealousy and wonder if you could ever be that brave. You feel stuck.

Your heart's telling you it's time for a change. But your mind screams "You'll be wasting your education and training! You'll be disappointing your loved ones! You'll leave your family penniless!" if you actually are "selfish enough" to pursue your dream.

It's no wonder that you're stuck.

When we're stressed out, we can't access the thinking part of our brain. We go right to the primitive part of the brain, called the amygdala (or "reptile brain") that's all about survival. The only choices we can access are Fight or Flight or Freeze. Just like a frightened animal. No insight. No common sense. Just the ole reptile brain with no evolved thinking.

How helpful is that?

I can help.

Coaching sessions bring clarity and common sense back into your life. You know the solutions to your problems; you're just having a hard time accessing them through all the noise. Life coaching is a way to pause the noise and tune into your purpose deeply.

I'm Lisa Honold and I'm a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, trained in all her signature tools and woo-woo magic. You can learn more about me here.

Are you ready to be brave and explore your options? Ready to feel your power? Bravo to you for taking the first step...