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Celebrate You®: Design Your Life
to Dec 31

Celebrate You®: Design Your Life

Empowering Women to Celebrate Themselves

Celebrate You™ 2018 is a global movement to celebrate every human being's intentions, dreams and successes.

You're invited to join Celebrate You™, a group of smart, thoughtful women in monthly connection, celebration, accountability and support in their pursuit to be more intentional.


of yourself


of your heart's desires and tools to lead an intentional life


of new solutions and life design



Celebrate You Workshop

You're invited to a workshop filled with laughter and connection as we dive into creating an amazing 2018. You'll connect with other women, absorb the thought-provoking questions and reflect on who you'd like to become in 2018. Participants will be guided through a process to assess their lives, align with their values, set goals and intentions and choose a word to inspire themselves for the year.

Gorgeous 2018 Celebrate You™ Workbook included!



Join Celebrate You® Monthly

January is our big workshop event and EVERYONE is welcome to come.

AND we hope you'll join us for the rest of the year, as the words we chose in January inspire and guide our year. 

February - December we gather for 2 hours filled with a-ha's, connection and love. Between sessions, we take inspired actions, based on our individual words of the year, and report back in a playful celebration of what worked and what could use some adjusting.

Each member gets time to share her growth and support and nurture others' growth. And we laugh. A lot. We commit to creating a safe, nurturing environment for personal evolution and celebration.

Continue the momentum you've started!

Included in Celebrate You® 2018:

  • A private coaching session to clarify your goals

  • The Celebrate You™ Workbook filled with inspiring quotations and thought-provoking questions to hold members' dreams and goals throughout the year

  • 11 more months of connection, life design topics, creative solutions and time to celebrate yourself

  • Weekly inspiration via a Facebook private group for Celebrate You™ members

  • Insider pricing on Retreats and other events

** New for 2018: Virtual (via video chat) and Hybrid Virtual+Live group options available. commute!

Is this for me? Are you:

  • Craving support from a sisterhood of amazing women?

  • Feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life?

  • Wondering where your passion and vibrancy went? When you stopped taking risks?

This is your group.


I created Celebrate You™ four years ago because I was yearning for deep connection with other women following their heart's dreams. I sincerely believe the world is a better place when we slow down and celebrate ourselves and our amazingness. If it's been awhile since you've thought you were amazing, this group will help you see and believe in your unique radiance.                                                  Lisa Honold

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"Celebrate You [the year-long program] means connection with other women. The sharing at these gatherings is deep and personal and there are common threads between us. The group feels reverent and respectful of where every woman is on her journey. Lisa holds space for a group really well. She doesn't rush in to fill the quiet moments. She allows the quiet to sit and percolate. She is thoughtful, kind and respectful."

RB, Washington Celebrate You 2016 member

Celebrate You™ women show up brave and celebrate their unique amazingness.

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