My people

You know who my people are?

photo by Nicole De Khors

photo by Nicole De Khors

My people are hard-working type A's who are hell-bent on squeezing the most out of life.

My people spend their days solving problems for others and their nights dreaming about how they're going to change world.

My people get mistaken for superheros because they follow their super-human passions and create magical opportunities.

My people believe we are better when we lift each other up.

My people live & die by the moments they choose to laugh in the face of adversity, to connect in the moments they're scared and to explore new possibilities. Even when life sucks.

My people love deep conversations and aren't afraid to show up real.

My people have a deep burning desire to CELEBRATE.

My people are dreamers, visionaries, heart-led humans and I am so blessed to be surrounded by these wonderful people.

Who are your people?

photo by Nicole De Khors