TWO Choices for Clarity and Connection with Celebrate You™ in 2018

History of Celebrate You™

Historically, the Celebrate You™ gathering in January has been a half day spent wrapping up last year's lessons and thoughts and discovering the next year's intentions and inspired actions, then ending with a word of the year chosen by each of us.

2017 has been a year of growth for the Celebrate You™ movement and in an effort to include more women, we're offering two options for this first meeting.

Choices in 2018

We're expanding and you have two choices!

  1. A Weekend Retreat in Port Townsend, WA to expand the time for learning, connecting and celebrating yourself

  2. A One Day Retreat in Langley, WA the traditional time filled with meaningful connections and celebrations

Everyone is Welcome to Come

Just like in previous years, everyone is welcome to participate in this first meeting. No membership is required for these events. Both events will use the 2018 Celebrate You™ Workbook and offer similar content. 

Of course... we do hope that you continue the momentum by joining the 12-month self-discovery program called Celebrate You™.

Dandelion: Perception is Everything

You spot it in your yard. A yellow flower has sprouted from the earth.

You could have two reactions:

:Hey, look at that pretty, little dandelion--so persistent that it grows where many plants can't. Its leaves are edible. The bees enjoy its nectar."


"OMG! Another hideous weed has emerged. Grab the poison! It needs to GO!"

Fascinating, right? There was only one fact. A flower emerged. What happened next were two stories about the fact. Two different ways to interpret the fact and give it meaning. Which way feels expansive and light? Choose that! Which way feels painful and annoying? Stay away from that!

That's what a life coach can help with:

  • finding beliefs about the facts that are causing pain, annoyance, anger and digging a little bit deeper to see how else the facts can be interpreted. Always choose the light!