Have a Job that's Sucking the Life out of You?

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed when you wake up on Monday and you have to go back to work after a weekend?

I used to.

I used to rationalize why I worked so hard, praise all the benefits and perks of my prestigious job and push through the discomfort to get to work and get the the job done. One day I started dreaming about following my heart's purpose. How amazing would that feel!

In the very next breath, I immediately started worrying that I would be wasting my CPA license, my expertise, my education if I quit. I feared my Dad would be disappointed. “Everyone” would laugh at me for throwing away my life. I was pretty sure I'd never make as much money.

In fact, my imagination had me penniless, living under a bridge, with “everyone” pointing and laughing at me.

There’s no reasoning with fear. No overcoming it. Not in my book.

What’s worked for me is befriending fear.

Getting really clear on what’s underneath the fear. It’s always a version of a smaller you. A little child who needs to be thanked and reassured. Thanked for keeping you safe and protected from “danger” that she sees. Reassured that adult you has the tools you need to stay safe AND take the first step toward the new thing.

There are two main types of fear: lack and attack. I had both. I was sure I’d be absolutely destitute and I was afraid of being judged.

Over time I thanked and reassured my fears enough so that I could take that first step. And then the next. And the next.

What would your first tiny little turtle step be?