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Celebrate You™ 2017

  • Snohomish--close to Maltby Cafe (map)
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Join the Intentional Living Movement

Celebrate You™ 2017 is a global movement to celebrate every human being's intentions, dreams and successes. Curious about what happens when you commit to intentional living? This year-long program is a safe, nourishing space to design your best life.

2017's Mini-Retreat January 28th 

An old schoolhouse in the Snohomish area (WA) will be our sanctuary for a day of reflection and connection. Cement your 2016 lessons and dive into 2017 goals and intentions with a small group of inspiring women during this 5 hour Mini-Retreat. Members will be guided through a process to assess their lives, align with their values, set goals and intentions and choose a word to inspire themselves for the year.

Lunch and gorgeous 2017 Celebrate You™ Workbook included!

Continue the Connection with CY17 Monthly Gatherings

January is our kick-off retreat. Every month after that we gather for 2 hours filled with a-ha's, connection and love. Each member gets time to share her growth and support and nurture others' growth. And we laugh. A lot. We commit to creating a safe, nurturing environment for personal evolution and celebration.

New this year--Included in Celebrate You™ 2017:

  • A private coaching session to clarify your goals

  • Mini-Retreat with 50+ page custom, full-color workbook filled with inspiring quotations and thought-provoking questions to hold members' dreams and goals throughout the year

  • Lunch on-site during the retreat

Is this for me? Are you:

  • Craving support from a sisterhood of amazing women?

  • Feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life?

  • Wondering where your passion went? When you stopped taking risks?

  • Aching for a sense of purpose?

This is your group.


You're invited to join Celebrate You™, a group of smart, spiritual women in monthly connection, celebration, accountability and support in their pursuit to be more intentional.

To show up real. To be brave.


For more information and an application, please email me

"Celebrate You [the year-long program] means connection with other women. The sharing at these gatherings is deep and personal and there are common threads between us. The group feels reverent and respectful of where every woman is on her journey. Lisa holds space for a group really well. She doesn't rush in to fill the quiet moments. She allows the quiet to sit and percolate. She is thoughtful, kind and respectful."

RB, Washington Celebrate You 2016 member

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Jump Start your Coaching Business (without feeling "salesy") Mastermind

Now taking Applications for July 2017

Do you have big ideas for your life coaching practice with no follow through?

Are you wishing for an uplifting 90 minutes each week with people who understand your struggles?

If you're a new coach (or a coach restarting) committed to turning coaching into a well-paying, rewarding career, not a hobby, and you've graduated from a coaching program, this is your group!

Each week for 12 weeks, coaches get 90 minutes of:

  • Non-salesy strategies to increase business
  • Clarity in their own business plan
  • Accountability and Action steps
  • Monumental growth, both personally and in their coaching practice
  • Connection with other Coaches

This Mastermind is a small group of 4-6 coaches who meet weekly over the phone/video for a 90 minute call. I also provide gentle accountability and make sure coaches are stretching their goals.  :)  This group time is a time to celebrate and brainstorm and commit to goals for the following week. One hour of private one-to-one business coaching is included and you can take the session anywhere you want to go.

Specifics: We'll assess where your business is currently and identify some goals for the quarter, support your unique superpowers and gifts, identify your ideal client, create a business plan and apply 5 non-salesy strategies to ignite your business. (Spoiler alert--one of the strategies is group coaching!) You'll leave the program with confidence, clients and cash.

"I'm so thankful for our Mastermind group led by Lisa. I recently hit a point in my coaching practice where I felt stuck, stalled and discouraged. Without the support of the group, I truly feel I would've fallen into a place of despair. But instead, the weekly discussions revealed ways to remain in the creative flow and pointed out overlooked triumphs worthy of celebration. I wouldn't have seen these things on my own. I'm happy to say inspiration has returned and I'm moving forward again. Thank you, Lisa!"
KA in Arizona

What's so special about a Mastermind group? Other members believe in your dream and dream bigger for you than you can at first. That group belief inspires wildly inspired action. Accountability means you never feel left behind without a plan. We've got this! Amazing opportunities, synchronicities and ideas are presented in a group that you just don't see on your own.

Get ready to be amazed by your boldness!

This is a 3 month commitment with weekly call ins/video sessions.


Download Application to join Jump Start Your Coaching Business

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to Sep 10

PLAY on Whidbey Island: Celebrate You Retreat

This event is open to 2015-17 Celebrate You™ members and women who want to experience the deep nurturing and support this community offers.

We'll weave tools for PLAY and INTENTIONAL LIVING into our relaxing beach getaway weekend in Coupeville, WA.

You're invited to nurture yourself with:
--Playing: Life is a Game
--Learning: Journaling Techniques
--Experiencing Circle Time: Celebrating and Brainstorming
--Practicing: Art escapades
--Free time on the deck
--Badminton in the yard
--Walks through quaint Coupeville and to the beach
--Optional private coaching

There's room for 6 in our private home in Coupeville. 

$300 includes retreat and housing for the weekend

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to Aug 20

Whidbey Island Retreat: Effortless Clarity in Business

A retreat for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are healers and creatives

You were born to make a difference...

Take a weekend to tune out the noise of "real life" and focus on your business so that your goals and purpose are clear. You'll identify the "low hanging fruit" you've been ignoring and leave with a plan full of inspired actions to expand your reach so that there's no doubt--you are building a well-paying, rewarding business and not a hobby.

You're invited to a weekend at the beach on beautiful Whidbey Island to explore and expand your business with clarity and focus. You're invited to a weekend at the beach on beautiful Whidbey Island to explore and expand your business with clarity and focus. 

--Expand your reach with clients
--Clarify your offerings
--Identify the easy "low hanging fruit": Minimum effort/maximum results
--Practice self care through visualizations and relaxation
--Experience Circle Time: Celebrating and Brainstorming
--Explore quaint Coupeville and the beach within walking distance
--Optional private coaching

There's room for 6 in our private home in Coupeville. 

$300 includes retreat and housing for the weekend

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to Aug 8

Celebrate You™ 2018 Facilitator Training & Licensing

Enrollment now open for July 2017

Celebrate You™ Facilitator Training is designed for coaches and facilitators who want to license a vibrant group coaching program model to support their clients' growth. 

Starting a coaching group can be a overwhelming. There are so many questions to answer: How do you know who to invite? What resources to give clients? How long it should be? How you should prepare? How much should I charge? And the biggie--what if I do all this work and still no one cares?

I can help! I've cracked the code in creating paid coaching groups that accelerate my clients' learning and I want you to spread the coaching love to your clients. 

Celebrate You™  is a movement to celebrate every human being's intentions, dreams and successes. This year-long program is a safe, nourishing space to help clients design their life on purpose. The group meets monthly for a year and follows a format for checking in, celebrating the month, aligning with the words they picked for the year, asking for brainstorming, feedback and support. It's magical!

Members' growth is supported by Celebrate You™ Workbooks, monthly topics, private coaching sessions, weekend retreats and a mini-retreat.

Everything you need to lead Celebrate You™ is Included in this Training

  • 4 hours of Training in how to facilitate Celebrate You™ groups (1 hour weekly video/teleconference)

  • A 60+ page 2017 Celebrate You™ Workbook: Creating a Life Filled with Intention

  • Mary Anne Radmacher's 22-day self-guided "Living on Purpose" Cleanse: "Remember and Do What Matters"

  • A 2 hour Celebrate You™ sample meeting, from a facilitation point of view

  • Templates and worksheets for members; all monthly Topics provided

  • Facilitator Worksheets to track the group

  • 1 hour Private Consultation with me to discuss your specific business

  • 4 Q&A sessions during the year (one per quarter)

  • Licensing rights to use the 2018 Celebrate You™ Workbook and facilitate Celebrate You™ 2018 groups

  • Personalized Celebrate You™ 2018 Workbooks with YOUR photo, business and contact information (2 pages)

  • Wholesale pricing for bulk orders of 2018 Workbooks


Please schedule a free 30 minute session with me to learn more.

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How to Create a Group Coaching Program for YOUR Clients

For Coaches!

Join me for a free training on "How to Create a Group Program for Your Ideal Client"  I'll teach you how to plan and lead your first signature group coaching program and answer any questions you might have.

Recorded replay will be available for 48 hours.

Sign up here!

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to Aug 28

Retreat for Celebrate You Members

2016 Celebrate You members are invited to join me for a weekend retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island. Continue your year of personal growth with 48 hours of soul nourishment.


  • Put your feet in the sand as we watch the sun set over Puget Sound

  • Workshop on Byron Katie's "The Work"

  • Workshop with artist and author Mary Anne Radmacher: "Measure your life"

  • Art: The Basics of Zentangling

  • Workshop on Commonplace Books and how to incorporate them into your life

  • Member-led workshops: 15 minutes to introduce an inspirational topic to the group

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Martha Beck's "Diana, Herself" Bewilderment Book Club at the Monroe YMCA
to Jul 28

Martha Beck's "Diana, Herself" Bewilderment Book Club at the Monroe YMCA

I want you in my club this summer!

My mentor, Martha Beck, has just published a heart-bursting, mind-altering, fun, profound and shockingly true-to-life fantasy fiction novel called Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening. As one of Martha’s coaches, I read an advanced reader’s copy and it knocked my socks off, so I’m calling in all my people to join me in a sockless, fearless, inspiring, joyful 4 week book club that will guide us through the process of waking up to our true selves and the lives we are meant to be living on this wonderful planet.

Yeah—it’s really that kind of book!

In this book club, you will:

  • Find yourself and your deeper purpose—this is what allegories are all about!

  • Practice tools for spiritual growth—this book includes seven very special tasks that wake us up to our true and beautiful selves.

  • Connect with love and laughter—every person who relates to this novel enjoys the humor and kindness of its protagonists, along with their gentle and wise guidance.

This book club is so much more than a fabulous excuse to get together over a book—it’s a way to form community with people just like you who are walking your talk and embodying the open-hearted kindness, curiosity, and courageous creativity of a life lived in service to truth and compassion.

Here are a few more details:

Our first meeting is face-to-face at the YMCA in Monroe WA Thursday July 7th from 6:30-8 pm. We'll have 90 minutes to get to know each other and discuss the characters and main themes of the book. Normal book club, right?

Nope! The next 3 weeks (on Thursdays) will blow your mind! We will learn the Seven Tasks of Bewilderment and apply them to our lives. Everything in the book relates to us and how to live our real lives authentically!

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