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Jump Start your Coaching Business (without feeling "salesy") Mastermind

Do you have big ideas for your life coaching practice with no follow through?

Are you wishing for an uplifting 90 minutes each week with people who understand your struggles?

If you're a new coach (or a coach restarting) committed to turning coaching into a well-paying, rewarding career, not a hobby, and you've graduated from a coaching program, this is your group!

Each week for 12 weeks, coaches get 90 minutes of:

  • Non-salesy strategies to increase business
  • Clarity in their own business plan
  • Accountability and Action steps
  • Monumental growth, both personally and in their coaching practice
  • Connection with other Coaches

This Mastermind is a small group of 4-6 coaches who meet weekly over the phone/video for a 90 minute call. I also provide gentle accountability and make sure coaches are stretching their goals.  :)  This group time is a time to celebrate and brainstorm and commit to goals for the following week. One hour of private one-to-one business coaching is included and you can take the session anywhere you want to go.

Specifics: We'll assess where your business is currently and identify some goals for the quarter, support your unique superpowers and gifts, identify your ideal client, create a business plan and apply 5 non-salesy strategies to ignite your business. (Spoiler alert--one of the strategies is group coaching!) You'll leave the program with confidence, clients and cash.

"I'm so thankful for our Mastermind group led by Lisa. I recently hit a point in my coaching practice where I felt stuck, stalled and discouraged. Without the support of the group, I truly feel I would've fallen into a place of despair. But instead, the weekly discussions revealed ways to remain in the creative flow and pointed out overlooked triumphs worthy of celebration. I wouldn't have seen these things on my own. I'm happy to say inspiration has returned and I'm moving forward again. Thank you, Lisa!"
KA in Arizona

What's so special about a Mastermind group? Other members believe in your dream and dream bigger for you than you can at first. That group belief inspires wildly inspired action. Accountability means you never feel left behind without a plan. We've got this! Amazing opportunities, synchronicities and ideas are presented in a group that you just don't see on your own.

Get ready to be amazed by your boldness!

This is a 3 month commitment with weekly call ins/video sessions.


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