Have You Ever Thought about Telling Someone Your Dream and Cringed?

Not that long ago, I was hiding.

I didn't want anyone to know I was training to be a life coach. I wasn't ready. I was following my heart but my ego still wasn't ready for any judgment from "Them". You know "Them"--the people in your life that may not understand your path.

I was an analytical CPA forgodsake. A woman who spent years building credibility and ascending through the ranks. How could I "go all touchy feely"? (Wow, what a mean girl I have in my head!)

Have you ever felt embarrassed to tell an acquaintance you're doing something unexpected? Something your heart is calling you to do, and you’re feeling tender about sharing the dream with others?

It's OK to not be ready. To be following your heart, trying on a new way of being, quietly taking notes on how it feels. That's the first stage of change--internal shifts.

At some point, though, don't you want to be ready? To tell others how coaching has changed your life? To offer that same change to others?

Start practicing. By yourself. With strangers you'll never see again. Don't worry about how it sounds. Just practice. It's hard for everybody at first.

Here's what I wished I'd known then--when I believe myself, they do too. When I speak with confidence, they hear me.

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