Stay True to YOU: Align with Your Passion

Building a Heart-Centered Life

It’s incredibly satisfying to lead life from the passion of your heart. Most people bury their dreams and passions to “be realistic”... until years later, their dream emerges again and they just can’t ignore it anymore.

I’m celebrating that you’re here—Listening to your calling. That’s a huge first step.


Maybe you’ve noticed… there’s a lot of external noise out there, telling you all the things you should buy or do, stirring up overwhelm and all kinds of worry that you’re not ready for this. Usually there’s a big price tag involved.

passion business.jpg

Don’t let that noise stop you! Tune into your heart instead.

I want to share a simple technique I created called Align with Your Passion that grounds your life in your intentions. When you start to feel overwhelm, you can revisit these intentions and you’ll know what one tiny step to take next. My clients rave about this!

You can use this as you’re creating a business, thinking about a new opportunity, defining your family values… I use it all the time.

Align with Your Passion

First, get out a sheet of paper and a nice pen. (I know, I’m old-fashioned.) It’s okay to break the rules and type if you must but for me, there’s nothing like a pen and paper to start the creative ideas flowing. (And there’s science behind it, too.  

3 Steps to Lead with Intention

Set aside 15 minutes to do this activity.

  1. In the middle of the paper, write the 3-5 values that you want to embody. Here’s my starter list of VALUES if you need some help getting started.

  2. Around those words, write 5 verbs, 3 adjectives and 3 nouns that speak to you about your intentions, how you want to show up in this area of life.

  3. At the top of the paper, write a set of beliefs about what's true for you and the community you wish to serve. "I believe ____" or “We believe____.” At least 3 beliefs.

Isn’t that fun?

What you have in front of you are your values, feeling states you want to embody and beliefs. Intentions. From there, you've got words and languaging that will guide you forward intentionally.

Here’s an example based on my business intentions.

Share yours with me when you’re done, okay?