I help people ready to change: to have fun again, get unstuck, be visible, set boundaries, communicate from the heart, take a risk... It's all about growth!


I'm Lisa Honold and I'm glad you're here!

Choosing a life coaching partner is a big step toward personal growth. Here's a little about my training and philosophy:

I'm a transitions expert and I support people as they evolve.

I've trained for life coaching with the absolute best--Dr. Martha Beck is a Harvard trained PhD, best-selling author and monthly columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine. She and her Master Coaches teach an amazing and intensive 8 month Life Coaching program that's an equal dose of brain science and intuition + magic.

I use the Martha Beck Life Coaching tools plus my Positive Discipline parenting training (I'm a certified Parent Educator) to remove the "shoulds" we all suffer from. (Example: My child "should" do his chores without me reminding him. Oooh, when I think that thought, I get so irritated that he's NOT doing his chores! The nerve!) I teach new skills that focus on connecting and showing children they're safe and respected no matter what, while keeping you in the kind-and-firm leader position.

I wouldn't know about Positive Discipline if it weren't for my own kids and the 24/7 on-the-job training they've provided. You see, my own parenting tool box was terribly inadequate when I started parenting 12 years ago. I was miserable when I shamed my kids but I didn't know what else to do. Over time I realized I could trust my intuition and remain connected while leading my family. (By the way, this is an ongoing practice! And I get a lot of practice...)

Positive Discipline is a parenting lifestyle that recognizes the value of connecting with kids before correcting their behavior. It's funny because in other areas of life we are trained to do this--as a boss, I was trained to share successful areas and areas of improvement in a performance review, never just the things that person isn't good at. Yet traditional parenting focuses on pointing out what our kids "had better" fix "if they know what's good for them." So many threats. So much withholding of love.

If we approach our relationship with our kids with the knowledge that mistakes are opportunities for growth and admit that we, the parents, make mistakes all the time, it changes the entire trajectory! In coaching, we examine your motivation for wanting/needing things to be a certain way and will clarify your life values so you can communicate what's most important to your family.

My left brain is dying to tell you I'm not all soft and squishy skills--I'm also a CPA with a public accounting background and oodles of small business tools.

My specialties arise from my reality.

Special needs: Two of my 3 kids were born with hearing loss--one is deaf, the other is partially deaf. I know the exhaustion that comes from having a brand-new baby, plus going to appointments, researching options, listening to "experts", worrying about the future. I know the sadness behind the thought that life is going to be different than I thought. I have advocated for my kids, researched schooling options, learned about IEPs and 504 plans, decided to homeschool, worn my heart on my sleeve as my kids go out into the world brave and hopeful. I also know the sunshine and gratitude I feel as I look backward now--we've learned so much.

Smart professional women making transitions: I've transitioned plenty! I left the CPA/public accounting world after 5 years to become a self-employed business consultant. I worked with a life coach to make the transition and it was an incredible period of growth and confidence. My life coach listened to me, helped me identify goals and held me accountable. Then I became a small business owner (my husband and I have a retail garden store called Home & Garden Art and a custom metalwork studio called MOD Studio). Together we've built businesses that have endured 14 years of the economy's ups and downs and have built a place in the community. I love encouraging professional women to follow their dreams, whether that's finding the next career path, focusing their energies on their family, or creating a business of their own that aligns with their values.

Mom & Pop business owner: My husband and I started a retail garden store in Seattle 14 years ago. It became hugely successful and we started another complementary business for custom metalwork for the home and garden. We've juggled the demands of working together, living together, not always agreeing on our roles or strategy for the business and I know how hard this can be! I also know the many benefits of being self-employed and working with my best friend--the flexibility, seeing how skilled my partner is, knowing he has my back, involving our kids.