Celebrate ME?

"What Lisa has given me is everything--turning thoughts and ideas around to a brand new way of looking at them is amazing!

When Lisa first asked me to celebrate myself in her group "Celebrate You", I couldn't imagine why I'd want to. She challenged me with "Why Not"? And I'm so glad I did!"

DG in Washington

Life Coach Mastermind Inspiration

"I'm so thankful for our Mastermind group led by Lisa. I recently hit a point in my coaching practice where I felt stuck, stalled and discouraged. Without the support of the group, I truly feel I would've fallen into a place of despair. But instead, the weekly discussions revealed ways to remain in the creative flow and pointed out overlooked triumphs worthy of celebration. I wouldn't have seen these things on my own. I'm happy to say inspiration has returned and I'm moving forward again."

KA in Arizona

Skilled Facilitator

"Lisa is a really skilled facilitator who came prepared with leading questions that took us deeper. She also brought great exercises like a guided imagery exercise. I'm so thankful that I had the chance to be a part of this!"

MW, Washington

Thought-Provoking Book Club

"Lisa's book club ["Diana, Herself" by Martha Beck] was thought-provoking, easy, casual, with a well-coordinated flow. Lisa was kind, inclusive, patient and allowing. She did not commentate or construct rigid curriculum. She unfolded."

MR, Washington

Lisa Allows the Quiet to Percolate

"Celebrate You [the year-long program] means connection with other women. The sharing at these gatherings is deep and personal and there are common threads between us. The group feels reverent and respectful of where every woman is on her journey. Lisa holds space for a group really well. She doesn't rush in to fill the quiet moments. She allows the quiet to sit and percolate. She is thoughtful, kind and respectful."

RB, Washington

Lisa's Leadership

"I appreciate Lisa's leadership. She times our Mastermind meetings and keeps them moving along so that we stick to the time frame. She holds the space for honest sharing and it feels like there are no right or wrong answers. The group is helping me progress toward my personal goals of becoming a life coach. It's a great place to hear what other people are doing and share ideas, tools and experiences. We get a lot shared in a short amount of time!"

RB, Washington

Showing up with Love

"Working with Lisa gave me the permission to care so deeply for my inner warrior that I can let my love flow outward brilliantly toward my children. She has modeled what 'showing up with love' really involves."

JR, Washington

Discovering Answers for Ourselves

"Lisa has great listening skills, she's organized and is willing to give advice, but she's more about having others discover answers and insight for themselves. She sees other peoples' strengths and helps them explore other possibilities and recognize other options."

ES, Washington

Find Focus without Force

"When working with Lisa, she makes you feel fully listened to and supported.  She is beautifully intuitive and highly creative in her coaching style and you always come away with insights that you didn’t expect!  She enables you to find focus without force, and like you are leading the whole way.  Lisa is a gifted, generous and calming coach, I cannot recommend working with her enough." 

MH, England