Celebrate You® Products for Living Intentionally


2018 Celebrate You® Workbook: Creating a Life Filled with Intention 

Celebrate You™ Workbook Lets You Kick Your Never-Completed Resolutions To The Curb

The easiest way to ditch the New Year's resolutions that fade by March and design REAL life-long changes that support you!

Ignite your life with intentional living! Review recent life lessons and focus on your goals and intentions for this year with the prompts, inspirational quotes and thoughtful questions to inspire intentional living.

Designed for personal use and for coaches to guide clients and lead Celebrate You™ group programs.

This is the classic Year-long version.

70+ pages, 8.5"x 11"

The 2018 workbook is included in Celebrate You™ membership and facilitator training. Here's a link for more information about joining a group or becoming a facilitator.


Q1 2018

2018 Celebrate You Intentional Life Planner: Q1        January - March

Celebrate You™ Quarterly Planner: Daily Check In With Your Intention

Create each day with intention, align with your values and go to bed satisfied that you checked off the boxes that really mattered in your life.

Take the 90 day deep dive into intentional living with this planner/journal/project tracker/calendar.

Create a life that’s lived on purpose, from the daily details up to the quarterly goals and beyond.

Each day starts with a page of intentions and moves to a second page to support daily goals and calendar.

250+ pages spiral bound, 8.5"x 11"