What happens in a Mastermind group that's different
than planning and executing solo? Other members
dream bigger for you and hook up with amazing
opportunities that you just wouldn't see on your own.
It's incredible! Members are inspired to dream big and
achieve more thatn they thought possible.
~ Lissa Honold

Family-owned Business face

  • Babies and how they change everything
  • Varying definitions of success
  • Who's goint ot watch the business when you take a vacation?
  • Life changes that affect work--for example a sick relative
  • Gung ho to lackluster performance from family
  • A family member that want out of the business but is a key part of its success
  • When to call it quits and how that affects everything
  • Family members that dont't agree on business strategy
  • Family members who spend too much/too little time on the business
  • Family members who spend too much/too little money investing back into the business
  • No breaks from seeing family--they're at work and at home!
  • No time at home
  • Kids and how to involve them