Your business foundation is solid. Now you need some revenue. Fast! 

Start down your path to profitability with a signature group coaching model that doesn't compromise your soul.

  • Find your ideal clients easily
  • Learn an easy, done-for-you model
  • Access everything you need: all the ready-made content for your clients, my scripts and worksheets
  • Avoid all the pitfalls of creating a new program yourself

You're a coach looking to expand business revenue now. You don't have time to create your own content and just want to dive into life coaching, knowing that you'll be supported by a proven, tried-and-true system. 

With this training, you'll get behind the scenes access to my content, graphics, custom workbook and live training. You'll be up and running confidently in no time.

What My Clients Are Saying

"Celebrate You™ Facilitator Training has changed my business. With resources and guidance, it has given me the confidence within myself to be a coach who guides clients in reaching their goals.  

The training taught me how to lead groups and now I have retreats and workshops organised. This new visibility has also increased my coaching face-to-face and online." 

LH, Melbourne, Australia, 2017 Celebrate You™ Facilitator


"I truly appreciate the Celebrate You™ Facilitator Training and all that Lisa brings to the her coaching clients. I'm now using video to reach my clients, and know that my time is valuable and worth getting paid for! I have really appreciated the way all her content has been laid out systemically. 

Lisa has challenged us to dig deeper as coaches to see where our value lies. Her coaching has allowed me to realize my own personal potential. As a new coach, working with her has been invaluable. "

DD, Pennsylvania, 2017 Celebrate You™ Facilitator

"The training gave me practical steps toward my vision for a coaching/wellness business.  I am no longer frozen with the overwhelming number of choices and activities needed to launch a business. Lisa helped me break it all down into realistic and achievable steps.

One the best decisions I have made was to invest in facilitator training for Celebrate You™. The training is in-depth and the resources and online community of other facilitators offer invaluable support." 

DB, Washington, 2017 Celebrate You™ Facilitator


"Facilitator Training has added a whole new dimension to my coaching practice. It is a really powerful way to connect with and impact a wider group of people, which creates a wider ripple, which is exciting and empowering. It is more cost effective for potential clients (and me!). 

This Training has given me a sense of being part of something bigger and being connected.  I have a clear mission that I believe in to communicate the world!"

EP, New York, 2017 Celebrate You™ Facilitator


You could hope for the best...

You could continue to bounce from one client-getting-strategy to another, hoping something works and your business takes off. But we both know time is ticking. Without a solid plan, you won't be able to focus your time and energy for maximum efficiency. Your dream will become more elusive with every day you wait.

You're standing at the crossroads. This moment could be your turning point.

Do you continue doing what you're doing and hope for the best? (You know that's the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results?)

 Lisa Honold, Celebrate You™ Academy

Lisa Honold, Celebrate You™ Academy

OR you could invest in your future.

Here's your chance to partner with a proven business expert. Whether it's private business coaching or learning to lead your own Celebrate You™ group, Lisa offers her knowledge and expertise as you launch your business into profitability.

It's time to get the guidance you deserve so you can fill your coaching business with amazing clients who love what you do.

You have unique coaching gifts that only YOU can offer to the world.

It only takes 30 seconds of bravery to sign up and start down your path to profitability.


What is Celebrate You™?


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