Welcome, Coaches!

I work privately and in small Mastermind groups with:

  • New coaches and coaches ready to grow their business
  • Coaches who want to create their own signature group program
  • Coaches who want to lead Celebrate You™ groups



>>Get Your Visuals Done! Weekend Retreat:           October 20th-22nd

A retreat for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are healers and creatives

Oct business retreat.jpg

You were born to make a difference...

Take a weekend to tune out the noise of "real life" and focus on your business so that your goals and purpose are clear. You'll script, film and post a two minute video introduction for your business website, learn three free tools to easily create visuals, plan the next 90 days of blog and social media content and learn the three types of marketing posts every business owner should be using. You'll leave with a plan full of inspired actions to expand your reach so that there's no doubt--you are building a well-paying, rewarding business and not a hobby. More info here!


>>Grow Your Business

To accelerate your coaching business and launch with confidence, join my 3 month Mastermind for coaches--The Business of Coaching.

If you're a new coach (or a coach restarting) committed to turning coaching into a well-paying, rewarding career, not a hobby, and you've graduated from a coaching program, this is your group!

You'll be a member of a small group learning ways that feel good for you to authentically build your business. No formula here--members are encouraged to do what feels genuine as we explore how to expand each unique business. 

Learn more here.


>>Create a Signature Group Program

Group programs have grown my business faster than anything else.  

I believe in the transformative magic of groups formed with intention. 

I teach members of Celebrate You™ coaching tools and concepts and offer real time celebration for the highs and support for the lows, while growing a community that nurtures each other.

I hear you! "But Lisa--Why would I want to create a group coaching program?" you're thinking...

So many reasons!

  1. It's easy to invite past/current/prospect clients, friends, family-- everyone you know-- to a free introductory group coaching session. It doesn't feel salesy; it feels genuine. You're creating relationships, giving them a new tool or perspective. They get a glimpse into what coaching feels like. They have a chance to "sample" the value of the group, bond with others and perhaps sign up for your program or decide that private coaching is a better fit. And if they don't, they leave more educated about what coaching is. That's a good thing!
  2. You can use your strengths and skills to make your group unique and meaningful. If you have past work experience as an executive recruiter and now you're a coach, gather all your contacts together into a group and tailor the content to your audience. You know their issues and can speak their language. I was a CPA for 5 years and love talking business strategy--you can bet my Masterminds are heavy on the business development and profitability talk!
  3. The pay is great. If you price your groups thoughtfully, you can be well paid.
  4. Members encourage each other when you create a nurturing community. If you have the right training and tools, group coaching can be easier than private coaching. Plus, your members are your best advertisers!
  5. Introvert advantage--Introverts need time to process information. As an introvert and new coach I used to worry that I'd be listening to a client and not have enough time to process what they were saying and decide on what direction to take the coaching session. In a group, that doesn't happen. There are other eyes and ears and hearts listening to our conversation and involved in the conversation. If I needed a moment to think, someone in the group would fill in the silence with meaningful conversation. That's the beauty of a bonded group.

Here's more info on group coaching from my guest post for "The Coaching Tools Company" on creating a group program to grow your business.

Are you ready to get the juices flowing on what kind of group program would fill your soul with joy and fulfill your clients' needs? 

Let's talk! Schedule a free 30 minute consultation here.


>>Lead Celebrate You™ Groups

So you're sold on groups, but you'd really like a tried and true program guaranteed to wow your members?

That's my signature program Celebrate You™! I've refined the format and materials, developed the topics, tested the worksheets and I'm ready to show you step-by-step how to lead Celebrate You™ groups in my training: Celebrate You™ 2018 Facilitator Training.

What's a Celebrate You™ group?

Celebrate You™  is a movement to celebrate every human being's intentions, dreams and successes. This year-long program is a safe, nourishing space to design your life on purpose.

The group commits to meeting monthly for a year and follows a format for checking in, celebrating our month, aligning with the words we picked for the year, asking for brainstorming, feedback and support. It's magical!

Members' growth is supported by Celebrate You™ Workbooks, monthly topics, private coaching sessions, weekend retreats and a mini-retreat.

How can I see some sample pages of the workbook?

Click here for more information on the workbook.

How can I get my own business featured in next year's Celebrate You™ workbook?

Complete the Celebrate You™ 2018 Facilitator Training and you'll be:

-- licensed to use the 2018 workbooks in your groups

-- fully ready to facilitate, with access to all my templates and topics

-- able to purchase the wokbooks in bulk at wholesale

-- the featured coach in your copies of the workbook. A custom-designed, 2 page spread in the workbook focused on your business is included in the cost of the Training.

Are you interested in learning more about the power of Celebrate You™?

Let's talk! Schedule your free 30 minute consultation here.


>>Get A Jump Start with Individual Coaching

I adore helping coaches see their business potential, grow like a pro and apply Celebrate You™ group coaching concepts to their businesses and client niche.

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation here.